The Professional Composer's Guide

US Spitfire Audio's Paul Thomson's eBook is a comprehensive guide to creativity and business      18/05/22

The Professional Composer's Guide

Spitfire Audio's Paul Thomson has written The Professional Composer's Guide , released as an eBook via the Issuu self-service content creation and distribution platform. Described as Your New Comprehensive Guide to Working as Media Composer, The Professional Composer's Guide looks at both the business and creativity of composing music.

A spokesperson told us, "This engaging and informative book is split into two sections; the first half explores elements of the business, whilst the second covers creativity, including strategies to develop the craft of composing and producing music. Written by renowned composer Paul Thomson, this comprehensive book is for anyone who is interested in becoming a professional composer, or anyone who would like to refine or develop their technical and creative skills when writing music. Interleaved throughout the book are exclusive tips from composer friends on the frontline of media composition, as well as advice from the recording engineer and orchestral contractor perspective."

Pricing and Availability:
£49.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$49.00 USD/€49.00 EUR (inc. VAT) (50% educational discount available)

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