Teenage Engineering - Portable Field Mixer TX-6 And Synth

US 6 stereo channels plus 32bit 48kHz interface      26/04/22

Teenage Engineering announced the TX-6 portable field mixer this week. Another delightful object in aluminum with may a nod to the Nagra experience of old,except it doesn't record stand alone - now that would have been a nice feature...

The TX-6 is a six stereo channel line mixer, battery powered (6 hours) with audio interface (12 channels in and out) USB-C connection and wireless Bluetooth control.


With on board DSP for EQ, Dynamics and 2 multi-FX its a standalone digital line mixer with a single heaset mic input,  its incredibly compact. We got a bit excited as we've been looking for a tiny digital mixer for our live productions, we could mount this on our camera rigs and have snapshot configurations.

All connections are on mini jack stereo - and require slimline connectors to ensure they all fit on the tiny body - in fact TE sell a range of slimline cables for just this purpose.

As well as the main LR out  you get  CUE and AUX send making multiple mixes a possible. 
In addition there are basic synth and drum voices which can be combined with an on-board sequencer - though we're not sure how much creative freedom this would give you.

Ok lets get the obvious out of the way, its expensive at $1199 - and maybe the power switch looks a little too easy to knock. But as an object it does look pretty lovely, we're suckers for milled aluminum and the knobs, faders and other controls are just that. 

We could probably live without the synth and would have loved to have seen a micro SD card for stand alone recording - that feature alone might have just swung it for us, but the price does make it a tough choice.

We'll be getting our hands on one soon so hope to be able to report back on whether its as useful as we hope.

Browse the system screens: (pdf)


You can buy direct from the TE website:



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