Can You Recognise Hardware vs Software?

US Take the Cherry Audio challenge...      25/04/22

Can You Recognise Hardware vs Software?

Some producers swear by software, while others insist on hardware only! Well now, Cherry Audio have a thrown down the gauntlet, offering 6 sets of sounds to decide for yourself. The sounds are taken from Cherry Audio's upcoming new synth, with more details on the results to follow on May 2nd. They've offered up the following: 

Hardware or software? It's an age-old debate when it comes to synthesizers. But can you actually identify the sounds of a classic synthesizer versus a software emulation that strives for absolute authenticity? Take the Cherry Audio Challenge and find out! Listen to the uncompressed WAV files below and decide: is it a hardware synth or Cherry Audio's upcoming software synthesizer?

Take the test for yourself on the Cherry Audio website:


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