The Elektron SYNTAKT Might Not Be What You Expected

US Built on Takt and Tone tech its beats and synth      21/04/22

We knew it was coming and so here it is, there was even an image leaked on Reddit which had people divided: "Its photo shopped"

But it turns out it was actually pretty close to the mark. Using the Digitakt/Digitone case format, the Syntakt is a hybrid analog digital groovebox with 12 tracks, and 35 machines, 8 of which are designed to offer melodic parts in addition to the more beat focussed machines from Rytm and Cycles. All tracks can be run as MIDI tracks too if you want to control external gear.

 All these machines are generative and not sample based. The team have focussed a lot of work on the Dual VCO and other melodic machines to make sure there's a wider range of stable tuning - making it more fully featured as a melodic instrument.

Elektron tell us that they rationalized the control and layout to make everything more consistent so that if you are familiar with either Digitakt or Digitone, you will fee right at home.

As well as the 12 tracks:  8 top row Digital,  4 Analog bottom row, theres a dedicated FX track which also is features parameter locking for live sequencing it also has 2 LFOs like the other 12 tracks do. The FX track also has an analog drive circuit.

In addition the last 4 buttons on the bottom row are preset performance controls for applying to specific or selected tracks and applying re-trigs and other parameters - this will really boost the ability to perform - these assignments are stored per pattern too and can be recorded.

Overbridge is catered for too - with each track available as separate outs over USB - nice.
There will be some more videos coming along from Andrew Huang, Bo Beats, Loopop and Cuckoo presently, though the video featured here from Elin Piel is excellent.

You can buy it directly from the website for $999 US


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