HitSend Mix Approval System Announced

US Comprehensive mix approval and payment solution for mixing and mastering engineers      04/04/22

HitSend Mix Approval System Announced

Sessionfuse Inc. has announced the public release of HitSend. HitSend is a web based application created to solve the common approval and payment problems faced by professional mixing and mastering engineers. The company says that, with HitSen, audio professionals get a set of comprehensive project approval and payment tools that streamline the entire process to keep clients happy and get invoices paid fast.

Here's the details in their own words...

HitSend has been developed over the last 3 years and with the collaboration of some of the top names in the professional audio production world. Put simply, HitSend is so comprehensive that it is destined to become the industry standard mix and master approvals solution.

Features At A Glance

  • Flawless audio - Full wav. and AIFF playback on any device for up to 48x better audio quality.
  • Timecoded feedback  - Collect feedback on tracks that can flow into Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One and Cubase.
  • Invoicing - Collect deposit and approval payments with PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, Apple Pay and more.
  • Best-in-class security - Protect projects with secure logins, encryption, data privacy and compliance.


Features In Detail


  • Uncompromised audio quality - Let clients hear your best work with flawless WAV and AIFF playback for up to 48x better quality when compared with popular file transfer platforms that use lossy codecs.
  • Flawless Audio - up to 12,228 kbps. No compression or algorithms, just pure WAV and AIFF audio for up to 48x better resolution so your clients will always hear your best work.
  • Preview streaming levels - Experience the album before it's released with LUF volume normalization.
  • Gapless playback - The first web based gapless player to replace DDP players with zero space in between tracks to hear transition timing.


  • Revisions done right - Collect time-coded comments to know the exact place or range clients are referring to in their revision notes.
  • Sync your DAW timeline - Export your clients time-coded comments to your DAW as markers on your timeline.
  • Metadata review - Double check album credits ISRC codes, genres, and more to make sure everything is in order.
  • Album Art - View album art to experience a preview of the album before its released on any streaming platforms.

Invoicing & Payments

  • Create your own invoice - Create invoices with HitSend and choose which payment providers you accept payments, all while keeping your files safe.
  • Deposit Invoice - Collect a downpayment from clients before starting. If a deposit is required, clients must pay the deposit before they can approve the project.
  • Approval Invoice - Require a payment from clients to mark the project as approved and trigger the paywall to release files once the amount has been paid.
  • General Invoice - Bill extra or miscellaneous items at any time in the project that won't affect the deposit or approval status of the project.
  • Work internationally - Create invoices with foreign currencies and accept payment from any international client.
  • Show your brand - Add your own logo and color scheme to invoices created in HitSend.


  • Best Practices - HitSend follows the guidelines set out by the Motion Picture Association of America® and the Content Delivery & Security Association Music Recording Studio Security Program best practices for digital media assets to protect our users and to further advance the protection of the music industry for producers, artists, film scorers, songwriters, mixing, and mastering engineers.
  • VIP treatment - Personally invite your clients and collaborators to join the project so you know exactly who has access to your project, and what permissions they're allowed.
  • External links - Manage external links permissions, access and availability to prevent leaks and unauthorized access.
  • OAuth & 2 factor authentication - Private logins for each user leveraging Google OAuth 2.0 and Google 2 Factor Authentication for login ensure your account can't be hacked by brute force.
  • Payment protection - Protect your work with the HitSend Paywall to ensure clients don't walk with the files before they've paid their balance.


What Are Pros Saying About HitSend?

HitSend has been developed with the help and support of some of the biggest names in the professional audio world.

Grammy winning producer and engineer Alan Branch says of HitSend;

"HitSend - Finally an all in one simple solution for my clients to access, listen and comment on mixes with studio quality streaming and secure content delivery when working on a project! I love the way the app has a customisable branded look that immediately gives a professional feel and look to a client / artist, it's straightforward to give them a secure link that they can intuitively access, leave comments on mix revisions and I can directly authorise downloads.  

No more problems caused by bit-reduced streaming audio quality or someone mistakenly getting hold of a private email master audio download link! Plus I think HitSend is revolutionary for workflow options, exporting revision markers in sync with my DAW to see at a glance in a song where someone is talking about a change or a fix rather than the classic mystery explanation "it's after the whoosh bit" or a time stamp that's completely different to your DAW project. Added to this HitSend has metadata checking, playlists, Album artwork and even previews streaming services level normalisation playback. HitSend is the studio assistant I've always wanted!"

Grammy Nominated Andy Bradfield says of HitSend;

"There are many file delivery systems, this is the first designed for music delivery and gathering feedback directly on the system. It's a great way to deliver mixes and get direct feedback from clients. Easy to setup, and easy to use. Gapless playback is a dream! I highly recommend it."

Pricing and Availability:

HitSend is a professional subscription service.

Monthly subscription is $39.99 USD paid monthly or $34.99 USD when paid annually.

Users receive the first 14 days free.

Tailored enterprise solutions for large facilities and labels are available. POA.

More information:




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