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US ILIO introduces Andy Narell Steel Pans - The Ellie Mannette Collection      31/03/22

ILIO has announced the release of Andy Narell Steel Pans - The Ellie Mannette Collection.

They say that the world's foremost steel pan recording artist and the "father of the modern steel pan" have teamed up to create this definitive collection of Steel Pans. Twenty-two instruments were recorded, presented in solo and ensemble variations, and organized by instrument type. ILIO believes that from steel band music to jazz, film scores to electro DJ music, Andy Narell Steel Pans - The Ellie Mannette Collection will deliver authentic, beautiful sounding instruments.

Producer Andy Narell says, "I didn't know what I was getting into when I decided to sample the pans, but we're finally here, after five years of work. The sound of the pans and the combinations have exceeded my wildest expectations. I can't wait to see what everybody else does with Ellie's beautiful pans."

What's included in Andy Narell Steel Pans - The Ellie Mannette Collection

        - 21 Mannette instruments and one vintage pan
        - Five types of steel pans: Tenor, Double Second, Triple Guitar, Tenor Bass, and Bass
        - Solo and Ensemble presets
        - Intuitive controls to easily mute and solo instrument groups
        - Built-in effects
        - Dynamic Touch control
        - "Rolls" feature
        - "Harmony" function for authentic chords and intervals

An ILIO spokesperson told us, "Andy Narell's recordings have long been considered the standard in steel pan recording, and he has brought a lifetime of experience to this project, which took five years to realize. It is part of Ellie Mannette's legacy that these instruments have now been sampled and made accessible to musicians worldwide. That combination of beautiful pans tuned, played, recorded, and mixed with the utmost care, makes this Steel Pans collection stand out from everything else on the market and should open up a myriad of possibilities for using steel pans in contemporary music."

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