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BBC's Mastermind quiz show has been running since the early 1970s and a recent episode has garnered some attention for an entrant's choice of specialist subject. Patrick Wilson sat in the famous black chair and answered questions from presenter Clive Myrie on 1990s Drum and Bass! Patrick clearly knows his stuff with an admirable score in the 2 minute quick fire questions.

The questions are below if you want to try them yourself first. 

  1. Which leading drum & bass musician, who real name is Clifford Price, released some of his early tracks under the name Rufige Kru?
  2. What club night on Thursdays at Heaven in London, with Fabio & Grooverider as resident DJ's, was founded in 1988 and was key to the development of the jungle and drum & bass genres?
  3. What's the title of the 1994 top 40 single by UK Apache with Shy FX, that's a reworked version of the earlier Shy track 'Gangsta Kid'?
  4. Valerie Kemi Olusanya, better known as Kemistry, formed an influential DJ & recording duo with her friend & musical partner Jayne Conneely, herself better know by what DJ name?
  5. The duo Origin Unknown, comprising Ant Miles & Andy C, partly made their track 'Valley Of The Shadows' with a sample CD that came free with what magazine?
  6. In which town in Southern England did Basement Phil set up his company Vinyl Distribution and the Record Basement shop, both of which played an important role in the scene throughout the 1990's?
  7. Who was credited with introducing the 2 step style, that would become a standard across the genre, with his track 'Pulp Fiction' released on the Metalheadz label in 1995?
  8. What's the title of the album bu Roni Size & Reprezent that won the 1997 Mercury Prize?
  9. In 1993 Kool FM teamed up with which fellow pirate radio station to stage the live event 'Jungle Book The Rave' at The Rocket in Holloway?
  10. Rob Haigh created many popular drum and bass tracks, such as Renegade Snares, under what alias?
  11. What record label was established in 1989 by the group 4Hero, an early line up of which consisted of Dego, Marc Mac, Ian Bardouille & Gus Lawrence?
  12. Who released the jungle & drum and bass album 'Black Secret Technology' on his own Juicebox Record label in 1995
  13. Which DJ twice remixed the track Mutant Jazz by T-Power, initially as 'The Mutant', and then again as 'Mutant Revisited', the latter version said to exemplify the sub genre of drum & bass known as tech step?

Congratulations to Patrick - for his expert answers and a shirt Gaz would be proud of! How many did you get? 

For those who like things a little more up to date, here's Electronic Beats TV testing the knowledge of artists on 2000s Liquid Drum 'n' Bass:


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