Behringer Announce Proton - A Souped Up Neutron

US Semi-modular but not available yet      01/03/22

Behringer Announce Proton - A Souped Up Neutron

Behringer seem to announce in waves - they've been quiet for a spell, while toning down their rather combative approach to PR - which is a Good Thing. We loved the Neutron Synth - something which was a more original design with a new filter Type (Moffatt) and well implemented 3340 VCOs - it sounds great, even with the grungy delay - but credit where its due - is got something special and is affordable too.

With the new Proton announcement, they ramp up the features.

Looks like the same VCOs, but with added wave folding, a pair of multi-mode  filters - maybe Moffatt which interestingly give over space and knob size to the  pair of LFOs - the Neutron had one that went way up to audio rates and was very useful. We also get 2x ADSR envelope plus 2x ASR envelopes which loop, a pair of VCAs and a decent patch bay.

Gone is the Delay and Drive circuits - which had plenty of utility, the tone was a nice end of chain EQ and drive, but the Proton is focussing more on the synthesis.

This looks like a decent instrument building on the great work done with the Neutron and is aiming to hit the same target price of $299. Like the Neutron it looks like a lot of synth for the money - and if it sounds as good then its a no brainer. Obviously the main hold-up is going to be shortages of chips so Behringer say "as soon as possible" but it looks like this is ready to go when that happens.


  • - 2 ASR envelopes with reverse/inverse/loop/bounce options to control VCAs and wave folder
  • - 2 analog ADSR generators for modulating the VCFs for unique sound performance
  • - Multi-mode wave folder adds rich harmonic content and massive flexibility to the LFOs
  • - 2 flexible LFOs with 5 waveforms, MIDI clock sync, key sync, phase and depth controls
  • - Noise generator dramatically expands waveform generation
  • - External audio can be summed into one or both VCFs to massively enhance sound generation
  • - Utility functions include attenuverters, multiples, signal/CV mixer and summer for creative patching
  • - External audio input with level control and soft clipping circuit for processing external sound sources
  • - 64 patch points for advanced modular connection and integration with external equipment
  • - 68 controls give you direct and real-time access to all important parameters
  • - Complete Eurorack solution –main module can be transferred to a standard Eurorack case
  • - Comprehensive MIDI implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection


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