20th Anniversary of Geogaddi

US Boards of Canada's ethereal second album      27/02/22

20th Anniversary of Geogaddi

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Boards of Canada's Geogaddi. It was an era defining album, which evokes feelings of hauntology, nostalgia. psychedelia and lost memories through out-of-reach lofi-synths, organic drum beats and creepy dialogue. There has been much speculation about how it would be celebrated, with twoism and reddit both suggesting extended versions and unheard outtakes - with the latter correctly predicting radio silence from the duo.

Still, it's a great excuse to disappear for a while in some unnerving otherworldly soundscapes. Here's a slightly subdued review from pitchfork of the album in 2002 - their most recent release was Peel Session, out on Warp in 2019 

All of their releases are available on bandcamp: https://boardsofcanada.bandcamp.com/


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