Spitfire and GAIKA Release Expansive Industrial Soundscapes

US War Island - evolving, multi-dimenional sounds      23/02/22

Spitfire and GAIKA Release Expansive Industrial Soundscapes

Producer and composer GAIKA has teamed up with Spitfire Audio to bring a new affordable library using Spitfire's own award winning sample playback and synthesis engine and also  includes 7 bespoke IR reverbs.

War Island comprises - 42 presets, split into 6 sections

  •  Pads (5) Moody, metallic, and heavy darkwave synth drones made from a range of analog synths including Matrix 6, Matrix 12, JP 8000, Lyra 6 and countless others
  •  Basses (7) Known for massive, jaw-dropping, villainous bass, GAIKA provides a crunchy low-end to complement the nuance of this idiosyncratic sound domain
  • Leads (12)Manipulated and processed tones conjure a dystopian backdrop whilst providing infinite capabilities for layering your unique sonic footprint
  • Atmosphere (7) Capturing a unique air of disquiet and metropolitan malaise, these blissfully discordant offerings set up an unsettling atmosphere
  • Drums (6) Punchy, layered drums made from old school drum machines with extensive processing, to create dance, rap and techno sensibilities within a classical framework to achieve vast rhythmic possibilities
  • Vocals (5) Inspired by jungle music, these glitchy and melodic vocal samples capture the dystopian sound of a retro yet modern urban landscape

Available now,  priced at a reasonable £29/$29/€29 with a download of 2.1GB


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