Positive Grid Announces Spark Control

US Customizable, wireless foot controller for the Spark smart amp & app      11/02/22

Positive Grid Announces Spark Control

Positive Grid has introduced Spark Control, a wireless, customizable foot controller that offers seamless integration with its Spark smart amp and app. They say that Spark Control is fully customizable to provide convenient access to many of the amp's popular features for practice and jamming, plus, it will be compatible with future Spark firmware or app updates. Here's more details in their own words...

Going beyond a traditional foot controller that simply switches between presets and tones, Spark Control gives users the most deep and comprehensive control possible for their Spark amp. It comes with four pre-programmed scenarios that assign a combination of popular functions to each switch based on commonly used setups. Users can also save their favorite functions to four of their own scenarios for easy access, and store up to a total of eight scenarios. This level of customization gives users immediate, hands-free access to a wider selection of Spark's features, allowing them to stay in the flow of their playing experience.

Designed for a convenient experience right out of the box, Spark Control uses a plug and play wireless Bluetooth® connection that works seamlessly with the Spark amp and app. It's also battery powered, and can run for more than four months on a single charge*.

Spark Control lets users:

  • Assign and change presets
  • Assign and toggle effects
  • Start, stop, and pause music / backing tracks and Smart Jam
  • Control features in Positive Grid's Experience Jimi HendrixTM Expansion
  • Plus more integrations coming soon


Spark Control is also the only dedicated controller for the Spark amp and app with future-proof compatibility and expandability. Coming soon, Spark Control's enhanced Creative Control will also allow users to have more real-time control over the J.H. Legendary Wah, a pedal that's included exclusively with the Experience Jimi Hendrix for SparkTM expansion pack. Other new updates to the Spark app will include a built-in tuner, tap tempo feature for select effects, and more.

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