Editor For The Teenage Engineering OP-Z

US Momo releases a VST /AU and Standalone MIDI Editor      07/02/22

Momo has released a MIDI Editor for the teenage engineering OP-Z. It is available for PC in VST / Standalone 32/64 bit formats and for MAC as VST / AU / Standalone 64 bit and MAC-M1. Here's the details in Momo's own words...

With the OP-Z editor you have direct access to many parameters.
Especially helpful is the possibility to select Projects and Pattern directly.
The access to the parameters of the OP-Z (and the 8 tracks) is possible directly without using (knowing) the key combination.
Since all 8 tracks are arranged on one surface, you have the full overview.
In the PlugIn VST version you can record the controller movements and thus integrate the OP-Z into your DAW project.
Editor Features:

- Select Projects and Pattern directly from Editor.
- Complex sound changes can be made easily and quickly.
- Direct access to the sound parameters
- All controllers can be automated.
- X-Y modulation of all parameters
- Generate parameters randomly
- You can use your OP-Z as a sound module in the DAW

Pricing and Availability:
6,90€  / $7.90

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