Solo Violin For Kontakt

US Soundiron releases Hyperion Strings Solo Violins library      02/02/22

Soundiron describes Hyperion Strings Solo Violins as a universal solo violin library built for everyone. A spokesperson had this to say,

"Hyperion Strings Solo Violins features two complete solo violin libraries in one, for life-like duets and rich layering options! We've recorded, engineered and programmed it with uncompromising care and precision to achieve a new benchmark in quality and playability. We set out to strike the ideal balance between polished refinement and natural humanism, giving you maximum creative flexibility, advanced utility and sonic realism. With each player, we recorded a complete range of detailed and deeply multi-sampled chromatic articulations, as well as an extensive collection of improvised melodic phrases in a range of styles, dynamics, tempos and keys."
Hyperion Strings Solo Violins is built for the free Kontakt 6 Player 6.2.2 + and NKS hardware

Pricing and Availability:
On sale until February 15th for $79 (MSRP $99)

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