Interview: The u-he Metaphorium Sound designers

US Urs Heckmann, Howard Scarr, Viktor Wiemer - talk      02/02/22

Not often we get to talk to the top team, but we were able to chat with the sound designer behind many of u-he's patches across their instrument range. Specifically in this case the team who made the patches for the latest library Metaphorium. This was originally commissioned by composer Johnny Klimek for a "secret" project - which turned out to be The Matrix Resurrections.

Howard Scarr is well known for his sound design and patch work being hired by Hans Zimmer for The Dark Knight. Viktor Weimer has been creating patches for the u-he range for some years, and Urs Heckmann of course is where the company takes its name and is the chief architect of their range.

The patches were created in Hive 2.1 -the .1 being after Urs added some extra features to Hive to allow for more creative sound design. Specifically in the filter types plus a few other features.

We spoke to Urs, Howard and Viktor about their approach and even threw in a fun "who made this patch?" quiz.

Metaphorium is available for download now priced at €39:

Nick went through some of the patches in Metaphorium in a previous video:


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