The First Deep AI Based Synthesizer

US Neurorack is based on the Jetson Nano development kit in a EuroRack format      10/01/22

The  Acids Team at Ircam have developed what they say is the first musical audio synthesizer combining the power of deep generative models and the compacity of Eurorack format.They tell us that Neurorack is a deep AI-based synthesizer based on the Jetson Nano development kit. This is what they have to say about it...

The Neurorack is the first ever AI-based real-time synthesizer, which comes in many formats and more specifically in the Eurorack format. The current prototype relies on the Jetson Nano. The goal of this project is to design the next generation of music instrument, providing a new tool for musician while enhancing the musician's creativity. It proposes a novel approach to think and compose music. We deeply think that AI can be used to achieve this quest. The Eurorack hardware and software have been developed by our team, with equal contributions from Ninon Devis, Philippe Esling and Martin Vert.

The project and design are fully open-source here:

More information:


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