Brainworx Townhouse Buss Compressor On Offer

US $29.99 for SSL modelled plugin      09/01/22

Plugin Alliance are offering their Brainworx Townhouse compressor for just $29.99 - with the offer ending TODAY! It is a superb plugin, based on a 1978 Townhouse Studios unit, built with SSL components. In the video it's being demonstrated by Michael White. Here's some more info from the Plugin Alliance site:

Modeled after a unique compressor built from coveted console parts
Built in the 1978 by the legendary Townhouse studio engineers, this one-of-kind compressor was created using classic console components supplied by Solid State Logic (SSL). Handmade in an era when it was impossible to buy an external SSL buss compressor off the shelf, this unique hardware unit was used heavily during the 80s and beyond by some of the biggest names in rock, including Queen, Sting, Muse, Oasis, Coldplay, Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Collins and many more.

That famous SSL tone, but with even more mojo
The bx_townhouse Buss Compressor is the ultimate companion for your mix buss, offering just a touch more vibe and mojo than a standard British console buss compressor. While existing plugins model the G Series version of the SSL compressor; none of them have attempted to capture the early SSL buss compressor sound, despite it being favoured by so many sound engineers. Brainworx has taken on the challenge to reproduce this unique SSL compressor sound, gaining exclusive access to this precious one-of-a-kind circuit.

Buss compression that oozes rock history
Shortly after taking delivery of their new SSL 4000 B Series console, the staff of The Townhouse asked SSL to sell them a standalone version of their console's centre section compressor. But SSL didn't sell a standalone version, and wouldn't for another 10 years. So they took the matter into their own hands, striking a deal to buy the individual components from SSL to make their own modified version based on SSL's schematics. The result became one of their beloved custom "Townhouse Toys". The Townhouse Studios underwent many upgrades over the years, but one important detail remained consistent: this ever-present Townhouse Buss Compressor prominently placed in Studio 1.


Use the code BX-TOWN-2999 to get it at this offer price. Valid until the end of today, Sunday January 9th.


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