In Conversation With Depeche Mode

US 1993's 'From The Vaults' documentary      08/01/22

We had a question on Depeche Mode in our annual Christmas Quiz last month, did you get it? If not you may find some answers in this 2-part interview series, in conversation with the band in 1993. The 4 members of the band (minus Vince Clarke at this point) are shown at home and in the studio - lounging on beds and relaxing, in what are quite candid chats. 

The interviews are from a series by the band called 'From The Vaults' - this being a 26-minute promotional documentary put together to promote the release of 1993's Songs of Faith and Devotion. Here is episode 2:


For those missing any inclusion of Vince Clarke, here he is in 1983. demonstrating how to make a track using a LinnDrum and Sequential Circuits Pro One. Can anyone spot the sequencer? EDIT: It's the Roland MC-4 Microcomposer.

Finally, here's an excellent article on how Vince made his own 'Wall of Sound'.



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