Arturia Releases Tape MELLO-FI For Free

US Tape emulation plugin inspired by the Mellotron      22/12/21

Arturia has released a new plug-in, available for free until the end of this year. They say that Tape MELLO-FI is an easy-to-use effect plugin that brings instant chill atmosphere and vintage tape-aged warmth in a few clicks. Kick back and sprinkle sublime lo-fi vibes over your drum loops, vocals, mix bus, and anything in between. This is what they have to say about it...

Take any beat, sound, or project, and instantly inject beautiful nostalgic flavor and endless vibes.
Pitchy flutters, subtle distortion, warm saturation, velvety smooth filtered sounds; Tape MELLO-FI captures the uniquely imperfect behavior of tape in perfect detail, distilled into a single plugin that you'll always come back to.

One-stop lo-fi toolkit
With a simple interface that's straight out of a classic studio, Tape MELLO-FI provides all your lo-fi needs within seconds, from subtle analog fatness to dizzy pitch flutters. Lush, fat, and crunchy, all-in-one.

Vibes for any instrument
Whether you want to make your keys & pads shine, give your vocals depth, or saturate your whole mix vintage-style, Tape MELLO-FI delivers. Use it on any track or project and let the chill commence.

Retro tape warmth
Tape MELLO-FI isn't just a one-trick lo-fi pony. Use its vintage preamp, built-in low-pass & high-pass filters, and subtle tape noise to breathe old-school life and magic studio mojo into your projects.

Reel enhancements
This vintage-flavor plugin has been tailored to modern producers' needs. From gritty distortion, to instant-response tape behavior, to the super-satisfying stereo widener, this tape machine is right up to speed.

Main Features

  •     Authentic tape emulator & lo-fi effect based on Mellotron V's vintage sound & behavior
  •     Includes classic tape controls like Noise, Flutter, Wow, Wear, and Mechanics
  •     Introduces useful features like Distortion and Boost
  •     Interactive tape wheel with tempo-synchronized Tape Stop feature and optional Instant Tape Catch-up
  •     12dB low-pass and high-pass filter section
  •     Enhanced Stereo Width feature introduces offsets to Wow & Flutter from left to right for an extra-wide sound
  •     Curated 25-preset library for instant-access to retro & lo-fi effects
  •     Apple M1 compatible

Pricing and Availability:
Free download until Dec.31st 2021

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