Sonic Quizmass Special - 22nd December 4pm UK

US Our yearly quiz is here - picture round is up      21/12/21

Feeling christmassy yet? Or whichever flavour of holiday you do or don't celebrate?  (its a minfielld!)
Maybe you just take a little time off while the world takes a breath - or at least some of it.

Anyhow our 3rd annual Quizmass Sonic TALK special is live tomorrow at 4pm UK time. We will have panelists, hats, possibly a beverage or two and questions as set by arch Quizmeister MidiError.

We'll also be introducing a new round from some of our favourite people from the interwebs: Questions from Divkid, Bo Beats, Red Means Recording, Molten Modular, Georgie Ward, Mylar Melodies, Claudio, Richard Barbieri and Battery Operated Orchestra

As in previous years, answers will submitted by viewers using Google forms and marked by a team of elf helpers with a supa-dupa Live Scoreboard for (nearly) real-time updates.

To get things started, we're posting our Picture round. This year it's a little different - your task is to spot the missing control or feature.

The round can be found here: 

To join us for the main event, head over to

We'll be streaming live via Youtube, Facebook and Twitch as per usual.


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