New Pro Tools Inner Circle Plug-In

US Minimal Audio's Rift Filter Lite features 24 unique filter types      16/12/21

New Pro Tools Inner Circle Plug-In

Avid provides the Inner Circle program for annual subscribers of Pro Tools, offering free access to a wide repertoire of plugins ($1,700 USD in free plugins), virtual instruments, sounds, and training resources from industry professionals.

Now, Pro Tools Inner Circle has added Minimal Audio: Rift Filter Lite, which they say serves up a whole new approach to filter design. A spokesperson told us, "Within this new drop, creators can take advantage of up to 24 state-of-the-art filters and really modify their craft on a whole new level of engagement."

Rift Filter Lite features:
-24 unique filter types, including morphing, vowel, phaser, and more
-Incredible morph control over filter shapes
-Create huge stereo effects with stereo spread control
-Set the filter's cutoff to key track along to incoming MIDI notes
-Create musical resonance effects with easy-to-use pitch snapping
-See your filter in stereo with crystal-clear visual feedback
-Get the perfect balance with global dry wet control
-Low CPU and a beautiful interface

Pricing and Availability:
See website.

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