Music Podcast Roundup

GB Our top picks - any we missed?      03/12/21

Music Podcast Roundup

The era of the podcast is upon us - a refreshingly free format for anyone and everyone to explore and produce the conversations they want. With so many to choose from, we'll run down a few recommended listens for sound and music makers - please feel free to chime in with your own personal favorites!

Producing The Beatles - a podcast dedicated to exploring the untold story behind producer George Martin's revolutionary collaboration with The Beatles. 

John Grant's Beautiful Creatures - John Grant wants you to meet his Beautiful Creatures, people who he sees as the world's premier citizens who share his love of authentic, intimate and funny conversations.

The FADER Uncovered With Mark Ronson - The FADER Uncovered is a series of in-depth conversations with the world's most impactful musicians, from genre-defining stars to avant-garde pioneers hosted by Mark Ronson. 

Sonictalk - Our very own podcast of weekly Music Technology discussions from the inside. With regular contributions from musicians, producers, software developers, journalists and other industry people. Hosted by the one and only Nick Batt!

Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond - The musicians you love talk about their life, inspiration, and craft. Then play.

Hanging Out With Audiophiles - Jamie Lidell's excellent series, where he talks to music producers, engineers and other lumnaries, interspersed with some top tips and other goodness.

Song Exploder - A podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. Using the isolated, individual tracks from a recording, Hrishikesh asks artists to delve into the specific decisions that went into creating their work.

Such A Good Feeling With Steve Anderson -  This podcast features conversations with creatives and performers about their process and the magical moments in their lives that changed everything even though at the time it may not have seemed like it.

Mr Wiggly Sunday Livestreams - Our good friend Mr Wiggly hosts a jolly Sunday evening Live Stream talking to all sorts of people working in sound and music. 

Lightning Bugs: Conversations with Ben Folds - Join Ben Folds in celebrating and commiserating with some of the world's foremost creatives about their endlessly various artistic processes. 

Why We Bleep - Why We Bleep is inspired by the mysterious, unique and amazing people behind the equipment and music that we love. It's about getting better at making music, dweebing out over music and synth technology, and to perhaps better understand where music making might be going.

And finally, from the left field: The Wind of Change Podcast - a 6 part series looking at the song that became the soundtrack to a peaceful revolution which swept Europe, and one of the biggest rock singles ever. 

If you're thinking of starting your own - don't forget to register for the free Radio And Podcast Production workshop next week!

Those are some of our top picks - we'd love to hear any recommendations you have. 


About the author [midierror]: midierror makes nifty Max For Live devices, innovative music hardware, award winning sample packs and hosts a podcast speaking to people in the music world.

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