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US Estática features cellist/composer Mabe Fratti and sound artist Concepción Huerta      11/11/21

Spitfire Audio has released a new sample library, Estática. Made in collaboration with highly experimental cellist and composer, Mabe Fratti, and multidisciplinary sound artist, Concepción Huerta, it's released in conjunction with a four-track EP of the same name, out on SA Recordings. This is their description of it...

These electrifying, emotive soundscapes come from the combined vision of two deeply experimental, boundary-pushing artists -- cellist and composer, Mabe Fratti, and multidisciplinary sound artist, Concepción Huerta. DIY, improvisational and progressive, the library features unorthodox cello techniques, analog synthesisers and vocal-based pads, as well as atmospheric warps and visceral, abstract textures -- distorted, deconstructed and pushed to their limits using the artists' enviable pedal collections and bespoke tape processing techniques. Full of contrast and character, each sound is highly evocative -- from ethereal and nostalgic, to unsettling, aggressive and dystopian -- ready to breathe new life into compositions and spark new ideas. Recorded in Mexico City alongside the artists' EP of the same name, out now on SA Recordings, the library expands on the record's sonic experimentation with a range of in-built sound-sculpting controls, offering a dynamic sonic palette with an exciting range of possibilities -- available for £29 / $29 / €29.  

Developed and recorded in Mexico City, the library was created at the same time and in the same space as the artists' four-track EP of the same name, within a live, improvisational environment. Estática combines the organic, natural forces of Fratti's haunting cello, analog synths and vocals with Huerta's experimental use of tape, pedals and heavy processing to create an atmospheric and almost supernatural quality complete with feedback squeals, drones, menacing plucks and saw-like, metallic edges.

Key features:

32 presets, split into four sections:

 -- Cello (13) Fratti's wide range of distinctively haunting cello techniques range from soft bowings to aggressive bow FX and bending strings, capturing the raw character of the instrument, while also pushing it to its limits – a sea of reverb and distortion achieving alien-like drones, as well as tones reminiscent of an electric guitar

 -- Tape (11) Atmospheric tape processing from Huerta, from hissing to sounds reminiscent of old radio signals, with room for further experimentation

 -- Vocals (4)  Comprising organic vocal performances and granular, processed vocal-based pads, this section lends itself well to composers looking to add a human touch to their compositions, achieving sounds other instruments can't quite capture

-- Warps (4) Atmospheric and orchestral-based, this section provides extra layers to add more depth and texture to your compositions

-- Presented in Spitfire Audio's award-winning, dedicated plugin -- compatible with any DAW

 -- 8 controls, providing a wealth of complex sonic possibilities : Expression, Dynamics (processed signal), Reverb, Attack, Release, Chorus, Flanger and Phaser-- engineered to offer a wide range of detailed sound-sculpting possibilities within a single patch, so it sounds like you

-- The dynamics slider controls an in-built processed signal, curated by the artists, starting with the dry signal and bringing in pre-programmed effects, unique to each individual preset

-- Seven bespoke IR reverbs, from Kiln to Church Balcony

-- Velocity sensitive for varying tones

-- 2.3GB

Pricing and Availability:

 £29 / $29 / €29.

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