Traditional Argentinian Pan Flutes For Kontakt

US Soundiron releases Los Andes Pan Flutes      10/11/21

Soundiron has teamed up with Argentinian pan flute master Alejandro Fatur to create Los Andes Pan Flutes, which they describe as an outstanding collection of four traditional Argentinian pan flutes that explores a broad key range and variety of chromatic articulations, expressive effects and phrases. Here's more details direct from Soundiron...

Los Andes Pan Flutes offers the entire ensemble's range as a combined instrument, or you can play the Toyo, Zanca, Malta, and Ch'ulli individually. The sustains and 3 staccato speeds provide choice of clean non-vibrato, vibrato and whispering flautando styles, in both piano and forte dynamics. The level of depth and detail lets you craft lush, natural pan flute arrangements, with an arsenal of sound-sculpting features.

This library also comes with thousands of beautiful melodic phrases for each of the pan flutes, 20 custom fx presets, hand-crafted atmospheric drones, evolving textures, and much more. It's built for the full retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or later.

Pricing and Availability:
On sale until November 29th for $59 (MSRP $79)

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