How To Make A 10 Track Album In 12 Hours

US '1st of October' reunite for epic studio session      26/10/21

Recording an album can take years, or at least a few months, maybe even weeks - but what about doing it all in half a day? Andrew Huang and Rob Scanlon have a huge amount of musical talent individually - and each year they bring all that together for their band '1st of October' which exists for one day only.

They have once again booked a studio for 12 hours to record a 10 track album (maybe even 11) - and this time the result is called 'Gotta Record Everything Good'. They give themselves 50 minutes to create each track, with no notes or words pre-prepared - and a small set of instruments to create with. Listen to the full album here.

Andrews video on the session is here:


Check out their first album in a day: 

And their second album in a day 


Pretty impressive stuff!

Andrew Huang

Rob Scanlon


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