Korg Updates Wavestate To Include User Samples - Editor

No.1 request. Nicely done.      02/09/21

When we looked at the Korg Wavetstate back in Feb last year (seems like an age ago...) we found it to be a very deep and complex instrument.

And while Wave Sequencing is not for everyone, it certainly has a massive amount of power, FX and multi-timbrality. 

With the new Wavestate v2.0 firmware we get a bunch of  improvements, but the real biggie is that it is now possible to load your own samples via the new Korg Sample Builder, up to 4GB of em. Yes, you did read that right. Multi-samples too. Though no velocity layering. 

Plus you also get an actual Software editor - which from what we recall from having the unit is quite welcome given the complexity of what can be achieved in the Wavestate natively. Which is nice.

There are numerous other improvements and fixes  - a summary of which can be found on the download page: https://www.korg.com/us/support/download/software/0/840/4519/

Its all free too, and the software components are available via the Korg downloads page.

Loopop has a video on the new features:


Editor Nick had this to say:

I felt that I had a more cerebral relationship with this rather than an organic, visceral one. Or to put it more crudely - we had some fascinating conversations, but we never kissed.

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