Got A PPG WAVE? Behringer Needs You...

US Beta testers are being recruited for their version      08/07/21

Got A PPG WAVE? Behringer Needs You...

Behringer has posted on their Facebook page that the firmware for their WAVE (pictured above) is getting close to completion but their next step is to build 50 pre-production samples and start an extensive test program with internal and external beta testers to ensure the synth will have undergone the most stringent quality testing. 2o beta testers will get to keep the Behringer synth. This is what the company has to say:

If you would like to participate in the testing of the WAVE, come join the beta tester team. However, please note that there are critical requirements associated with this program.

1.) You must own an original "WAVE" in order to do extensive comparisons.
2.) You have deep technical understanding and knowledge related to professional testing procedures and sound analysis
3.) You own a video channel and you're willing to create several comparison videos.

If you meet these criteria, please contact us at and provide us with detailed information related to the above 3 points. We will select max 20 beta testers and reward them with a free unit in return for their extensive efforts.

We're super excited about this flagship synth. We know that it has taken much time, but we're very proud of our engineering team who have done an amazing job to bring back yet another piece of synthesizer history.

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