Behringer BRAINS - Digital Module With 20 Synthesis Engines

US Including Plaits Open Source from Mutable Instruments      15/06/21

Having trailed this for 10 days or so, some may be surprised to hear that BRAINS is in fact a new Eurorack Module with 20 digital synthesis engines on board, and NOT a DAW or MPC clone as was speculated - worth a shot though, given the amount of "we're gonna make a..."  - statements, it could have been right :-).

The new module will retail at a mere $149USD and features a digital brain with 20 synthesis and drum voice engines, OLED waveform display, front pane USB2.0 connection, 2 Outputs, Trig input and 4 CV input controls for 1V/oct, Timbre, Morph, Harmonics and Freq CV inputs.

Behringer BRAINS

With multiple synth engines to choose from, there are some Behringer designed, and some that utilize the open source Mutable Instruments Plaits code - indeed there is a link to it from the BRAINS Product page

Not sure when its in the stores - but the new Superpartner structure that Behringer have set up with large retailers in most territories, one will assume soon.

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