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US United Archiving launches comprehensive video series      28/05/21

United Archiving, a  division of Hollywood's United Recording studio complex, has launched an informative video series looking deeply into the preservation, management and income generating potential of valuable audio assets. Recording artists and record labels can look into the fine art and science of restoring, preserving, archiving and properly managing recorded material from past analog and digital formats.

Chief Engineer Bill Smith had this to say, "Archiving is extremely important for many reasons. First off, you are preserving your music and recorded history and can be confident that you will never lose your assets due to degradation or aging. You can also take those assets and repurpose them into modern day usage for Dolby Atmos mixes, 5.1 mixes, and stereo remixes with high-resolution delivery capability. Audio assets can additionally be utilized for sync licensing opportunities for film, television and commercial usage. Proper archiving opens up numerous possibilities for a wide array of potential income streams."

You can view the first episodes with Chief on United's YouTube Channel. Here's more from United...

With 35 years in the industry as a Grammy-nominated recording engineer and mixer, Bill Smith offers a broad and extensive background few audio archivists can provide. His proficiency in caring for, reviving, reconditioning, and restoring audio
assets, as well as computer-based data tape systems, is a highly sought after and valuable skill.

"United Archiving is probably the best facility to have any large or small archival project done. First and most important is the knowledge and technical proficiency of the staff, which truly makes the difference. Here at United, we're constantly adding to and upgrading our extensive equipment inventory. There are so many different formats out there, some of which have existed for 50-plus years, and we take pride in our ability to handle any job requirements. Our archival rooms are custom, purpose-built rooms, with clean power and anti-static flooring. Each has been designed to achieve the highest quality, most pristine transfers and archival restoration available today."

Bill Smith's experience in archiving individual tape catalogs for such artists as Natalie Cole, preserving and organizing extensive record label libraries, as well as his depth of knowledge and hands-on approach are key to United Archiving's reputation as one of the top facilities in the world for audio archiving, restoration and asset management.

Multiple Grammy-winning engineer Al Schmitt commented, "Bill and I worked together for 28 years and United is truly lucky to have a man of his integrity, competency, technical skill and background heading their Archiving department. His attention to detail is incredible and he has such extensive experience with all recording formats that I would trust him completely with every aspect of any archiving project."

Upcoming episodes in the United Archiving video series focus on the Archiving Process, Technology, Gear, Analog Machines; Digital Machines; Noise Reduction; ProTools / Computers + Digital Convertors; Synchronization; Monitoring; and Tape Baking.

"We've been working here at United on archival projects for some of the most well-known names and artists in the music industry," Smith adds. "However, we don't only cater to major artists and record labels. Our facility is open to anyone who needs transfer or archival work done with the highest quality available, exceptional service and professionalism we are known for."

About United Recording
United Recording is one of the world's most recognized music studios, with more awards than any other recording enterprise. Music produced at United has generated more than one billion in record sales worldwide. More info:

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