Keystep Pro Firmware v2.0 Adds Plenty Of Features

Global Transpose, record arpegggiators and more      08/05/21

The KeyStep Pro solidified Arturia's  position in the controller keyboard/sequencer zone after the massive success of the Beatstep Pro and Keystep.

With  a four track Sequencer, arpeggiators, 16 channel drum sequencing and Gate, CV and MOD outs for Tracks 2-4 as well as a 37 keybed and more.

Now with firmware v2.0 out, we get a bunch of new features added to the mix:

  • Global transpose - Transpose multiple melodic tracks at the same time
  • Global value offset - Apply a relative offset for any of the 5 main controls for every step across the selected track pattern
  • Arpeggios in sequences - You can now record arpeggios into a sequence
  • Arpeggio swing - You can now add swing amount to arpeggios using Shift
  • Arpeggios while stopped - You can now create and play arpeggios while KeyStep Pro isn't playing
  • Recording Chord Mode - You can now record Chord Mode chords into a sequence
  • Step Listen - Trigger sequence steps without playing a sequence so you can preview your notes
  • Workflow and UX - various workflow improvements to performance, functionality, and ease of use
  • Mono Mode - The sequencer Mono Mode has been refactored for a smoother experience
  • MIDI Thru - MIDI Out 2 can now be set to Thru mode

Its a free update available right now.

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