Early 90s Rephlex Records Interview with Aphex Twin

US RDJ and Grant Claridge-Wilson discuss the electronic label      20/04/21

Long form interviews with Aphex Twin are a rare thing, so this Kiss FM interview with him and his Rephlex Records co-founder Grant Claridge-Wilson from March 1993 should be savored. The interview details the setting up of the label, their musical tastes and ethos to running the label. Rephlex released music by artists such as AFX, Mike Paradinas, Luke Vibert and Squarepusher.  

They announced the closure of Rephlex Records in 2014 - as stated in this '25 Questions for Aphex Twin' interview with German website groove.de. The interview has the music cut for copyright reasons and you might want to skip the ballsy in-your-face adverts. Click here to start the video at 2 minutes in


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