Jamie Lidell - Experiments With Tape - MIDI and CV

With an Otari 5050 Machine - This is a lot of fun      05/04/21

Vocalist, producer, sound experimenter and occasional guest on our Sonic TALK podcast Jamie Lidell, has been in touch about a new series of experiments he's been conducting with his Otari 5050 four track reel to reel machine. He's had it modified by Love Magnet Electronics, to allow him to CV control the activation of the record and playback heads, as well as motor speed.

Hooking this up to his ever growing collection of modular gear and all the other lovely stuff he has, means he's able to do some serious tape experimentation. Being the inquisitive sort, that's exactly what he's done.

Be sure to check out his excellent podcast - Hanging Out With Audiophiles too...


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