In Deep With The Little Known Yamaha EX-42

US 1970's hybrid organ synth with Miguel Kertsman      25/03/21

Many of us know about the early innovation with the Yamaha GX-1 and EX-1 Organs which started the development of early Yamaha synthesizers through hybrid organs. But we spotted this video with composer Miguel Kertsman in which he focusses on the EX-42 (we confess, we'd never heard of it). A Yamaha hybrid behemoth instrument from the early 1970's.

It appears the 1970 EX-42 Electone - to give it its full title was the precursor to the GX-1 and pioneered the technology that was used in the later instruments, and was the first commercially available instrument to feature the hybrid synthesis and organ technology - ribbon strip, presets, touch keybed and velocity sensitivity.

Check out the hypnotic rotation of the Leslie speaker in the background..

If you want to go down the rabbit hole of Yamaha Electone history, try this:


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