Today Is Ableton LIVE 11 Release Day

US Servers to overdrive      23/02/21

The long awaited official release of Ableton Live 11 is now er, live. With a bunch of new features across the board that both enhance the Live workflow and add features that give it more useful multi-track editing.

Here's a preview we shot with Simon Stokes from when the Beta was announced, covering some of the new features:

The headline features are:

Comping - organize multiple tracks and take lanes for quick track comping or creative cut ups
Linked Track Editing - ideal for multi-mic drum track editing
MPE Support - both on input and an elegant way to edit the data once recorded
Live Tempo Following - adjust tempo based on real-time audio input
Macros - Snapshots and up to 16 macros per rack

New Devices 
Hybrid Reverb - convolution and algorithmic in one device
Spectral Resonator - break the spectrum into partials
Spectral Time - partial based frequency delays
Inspired By Nature - 6 instruments using nature and physics
PitchLoop89 - jittery glitch effects and delayed digital shimmers and vibratos

Changes to PUSH
A firmware update is also available for PUSH users to support the new features including: Visualizations for new devices, Key and Scale sync, MPE support, 16 macros

Pricing  Download versions of Ableton Live 11 cost 79 EUR / 99 USD for Live Intro, 349 EUR / 449 USD for Live Standard and 599 EUR / 749 USD for Live Suite.

Existing owners will need to log-in to see their upgrade pricing. 

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