Novation Circuit Tracks - More Of Everything: Storage and MIDI Tracks

US SamplingSD card storage, full size MIDI, tweaked synth engine      09/02/21

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Novation's nw Circuit was just announced - Circuit Tracks and it features a new more slimline look with the same pad grid layout as the original but with a slimmer profile on th buttons - you also get on board SD card storage to keep your sounds with you, but the big difference is that the two sidechain track buttons have been replaced with dedicated MIDI sequencer tracks - a good move.

Speaking of MIDI, no more faffing about with minijack connections, you get full fat MIDI dins In/Out/Thru as well.

AND there's a stereo input for on board sampling which you can store onto the micro SD card - nice.

They have already launched with their set of feature videos - made by Ricky Tinez and by the looks of it they haven't messed around too much with the rather elegant UI that made the original Circuit so easy to use. Though they have enhanced that somewhat  with labeling for features that have been added in firmware to the original Circuit functionality.

Circuit is on preorder and priced at £359 - which if we recall was the price of the original Circuit. We can assume that there is more juice under the hood so future firmware upgrades may well see even more good stuff.

Be sure to check out the Ricky Tinez bite size videos too..



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