Chill Or Mix With 30,000 Free BBC Nature Soundscapes

Soundscapes for wellbeing to mix in your browser or download      07/02/21

Chill Or Mix With 30,000 Free BBC Nature Soundscapes

While many of us are largely stuck indoors, the BBC has launched an initiative to bring sounds of nature to us - called 'Soundscapes For Wellbeing'. With a range of methods to reduce stress levels, raise your mood and bring some sonic peace - the site offers a chance to mix the sounds of nature online from the BBC archive of over 30,000. 

While mixing online is a perfectly serene and peaceful experience, audio enthusiasts might want to choose some long files and send the audio to a pedal board and go to town on reverbs, delays and resampling..
All the sounds are available to download too, giving you more expansive mixing possibilities - the licensing of which can be found here.

If that doesn't maximize your inner peace, you'll also find  'The Chillest Show' series from Sian Eleri, the soundscapes of Devon as well as a chance to participate in a Virtual Nature Experiment ran by Essex University.

Please note: some of the features may be region specific. 

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