Chinese Traditional Instruments Sampled

US Best Service releases Chinese Traditional Instrument Series by Three-Body-Technology      03/02/21

Chinese Traditional Instruments Sampled

Best Service, as the exclusive distributor for Three-Body Technology, has introduced the Chinese Traditional Series featuring five brand new instruments. Here's the details that they have sent us...

Best known for their Heavier7Strings, Three-Body Technology extends its range of instruments. Beside the unique virtual Yangqinin "Raindrop & Blade" you will as of now also find five unique Chinese Wind Instruments in the "Chinese Traditional Series".

With this latest release, the Sample Engine developed by Three-Body Technology has been completely redesigned. Not only the graphical user interface has been revamped, but also many improvements under the hood ensure a user friendly workflow.

The main features of this instrument series among others are, the adjustable sound field of all instruments, authentic perfomance and realistic expression possibilities, convolution reverb samples of spectacular Chinese natural and historical monuments, the effect rack of Heavier7Strings as well as a pattern library that allows users to easily realize their ideas.

The Instruments at a Glance:

Whisper of Loong - Offers a playable, virtual Chinese Dizi. The Dizi is a Chinese flute-like instrument, which in addition to its smooth and beautiful melodic sounds, offers a variety of playing techniques for the most challenging solo parts.

Lost Soul - A playable virtual Chinese Xiao. The Xiao is a vertically played, membraneless wind instrument made from a bamboo stem. With its serious and deep sound, the Xiao is used in ritual music. In contemporary works, xiao is often used in Chinese fantasy themes.

Beyond Tear of Land is a Chinese Xun. The Xun is a wind instrument that belongs to a group of ritual instruments from ancient times. Nowadays it is often used in historical themes with dark scenarios.

With Phoenix Scream, Three-Body Tech presents a playable virtual Chinese Suona. The library has been split into two virtual instruments: Phoenix Scream, which features the most commonly used pitch range, and Phoenix Growl, which represents a bass.
Phoenix Growl comes as a gift to users who purchase Phoenix Scream.

World in Gourd - Virtual Chinese Hulusi. The Hhulusi is a clarinet-like instrument from southern China that is especially popular among the Dai, Yi, and Miao ethnic minorities.

Pricing and Availability:
Besides Raindrop & Blade all five new libraries of the Chinese Traditional Series are available now from Best Service and all participating retailers at introductory prices.

  • Lost Soul now $99, regular price $119
  • Tear of Land now $63, regular price $79
  • Word in Gourd now $45, regular price $59
  • Raindrop & Blade now $95, regular price $119
  • Whisper of Loong now $95, regular price $119
  • Phoenix Scream now $111, regular price $139


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