Presentation: Bitwig 3-3 Officially Released Today

US New Polymer Hybrid Modular Synth and more      26/11/20

Bitwig today officially release Bitwig Studio v3.3 with a new instrument Polymer, a Wavetable module, two new modulators and other workflow improvements including free timeline stretching, transient preservation and more.
We spoke to Bitwig's Dave Linnenbank from the Bitwig Berlin HQ for a rundown of some of the new features.

 Polymer provides a powerful modular synth instrument which can also be converted into Poly Grid for additional customization and extension.

Polymer Features

Phase distortion, using any of the five algorithms in the Phase-1 oscillator (with optional Formant injection); or try other morphing shapes with either Sine or Triangle and their Skew and Fold parameters

Phase modulation [PM] (similar to frequency modulation [FM]), available in all seven oscillators by opening the purple phase modulation attenuator knob, which uses the Sub oscillator component as modulator; or produce self-modulation with Feedback in the Phase-1 oscillator

Hard sync, available in all seven oscillators by using the Sub component as sync master, connected by clicking the SYNC toggle; or by using the internal Sync controls on the Pulse and Sawtooth oscillators

Pulse width modulation [PWM], by using the Pulse oscillator and controlling its pulse width with either of the two built-in envelopes, or any of Bitwig's 36 modulator devices

Wavetable, by modulating the Index of any file loading with the new Wavetable oscillator (more on that below)

Unison approaches, ranging from simple stereo detune of any primary oscillator or the Sub; the Swarm oscillator's stack of detunes waves; or the special unison modes built into Wavetable (again, more info below); or applying Bitwig Studio's Voice Stacking technology to Polymer, allowing layering of any instrument and custom spread of any parameters (not just pitch)

Subtractive by chasing any oscillator with one of five filters, including: both Sallen-Key and ladder style low-pass options (Low-pass SK and Low-pass LD); a state-variable filter (SVF) that includes high-pass, band-pass, and extreme resonance; the hybrid XP, inspired by Mr Oberheim and with 15 configurations; or a Comb filter, with resonance set in milliseconds and other-worldly tones

Wavetable Module
The Wavetable module brings another method of synthesis to Bitwig. True to The Grid, this oscillator can be controlled by stereo control signals, accessing different parts of a wavetable at once. And it offers three specially designed unison modes for making a small universe out of each note played

For the full list of new features, head over to where you can also update if you have a current Upgrade Plan. Or if you are new to Bitwig, there's a new Winter Special (ending January 10th):

Bitwig Studio 299€/USD (379€/399USD)
Bitwig Studio 16-Track 79€/USD (99€/USD)



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