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LOOPEREYE combines a looper engine with a smartphone app      19/11/20

New on Kickstarter and looking for funding is LOOPEREYE, described as a next generation loop station. Here's some details from the developers...

LOOPEREYE: The smart looper
LOOPEREYE is the smart looper, a next generation loop station, combining a powerful looper engine with an easy to use smartphone application. It's more than just a looper, it will put all the power of a digital audio workstation at your feet. You can use it standalone, or connected to the app to get the full experience!

LOOPEREYE represents a step-change in looper technology, while still delivering great performance and loads of interface options. You can connect your guitar or other instruments to the high-quality stereo audio interface. Microphones are also supported with tuneable input gain. There is MIDI support using the standard TRS, USB, or over WiFi.

The Android/iOS app lets you access and control more advanced features of the looper engine housed in the LOOPEREYE pedal. With this next generation looper, you can record multiple tracks, that you can add, change, or remove on the fly, using the app.

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