Chris Huggett - Influential Synth Designer Has Died

RIP British pioneer of affordable synths      26/10/20

Chris Huggett - Influential Synth Designer Has Died

Sad news has emerged that Chris Huggett has passed away. The exact details are not yet published and there has been no official statement, but sources confirm this.

His pioneering design work brought affordable synthesizers into the hands of many in the late 1970's. with Electronic Dream Plant )EDP) - Wasp, Gnat and Spider Sequencer - for many these were their first instruments and introduction into electronic music creation.

After that, Huggett formed the Oxford Synthesizer Company (OSC) and produced another highly regarded instrument OSCar  with advanced (for the time) subtractive and basic Additive synthesis capabilities.

Then a spell at Akai where he was instrumental (alongside David Cockerell) in creating the S1000 Sampler OS - something many people will have had first hand knowledge of.

Since that time Chris has been involved in working on Novation  synthesizers, starting from the Bass Station (93), Super Bass Station, Supernova, A-Station, K-Station, Ultranova, MiniNova, Bass Station II and more recently the Peak and Summit synthesizers which feature his Oxford Oscillators.

A quiet and somewhat shy man (hence the lack of photos!), he shunned the limelight, preferring to keep himself to himself. Though in a rare outing to Superbooth he was delighted to be recognized and receive praise from the knowledgeable synth crowd there.

Another sad loss to the synthesizer community, our condolences go out to his family, friends and co-workers.





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