Three New Ritual Electronics Eurorack Modules

Pointeuse, Flexibilité and Guillotine      23/10/20

Gautier from Ritual Electronics tells us that the first three Eurorack modules from the 1U format series they announced at Superbooth From Home 2020 are about to hit the stores. He told us, "Our 1U modules will be available with either a Intellijel or a Pulp Logic front panel for maximum compatibility."

Pointeuse is a CV controlled bidirectional analog switch that can be used as a momentary footswitch adapter for Eurorack in 1U format.

Flexibilité is an expression pedal adaptor in 1U Eurorack format a.k.a the foot controlled attenuator/ attenuverter.

Guillotine is a true stereo hard clipping distortion in 1U format. Its insane amount of gain can also be
used as an instrument adaptor (guitars, basses, microphones...) as it can bring line and mic levels to modular levels.

Pricing and Availability:
Pointeuse: 95€
Flexibilité: 65€
Guillotine: 115€

All 3 modules should be available at retailers and through the web-store around mid-November.

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