NI Maschine + Stand Alone Is Here

US Maschine workflow - standalone unit.      08/09/20

Native Instruments have announced their new stand alone workstation - Maschine +. We knew it had top be coming and here it is, what with the MPC range, Deluge, Polyend Tracker and more, it was inevitable.

Maschine+ is clearly has  some  commonality with the latest Maschine version  - pads, screen, smartstrip, touch encoders and macro button  - it also has a dual colour LCD, 

This bit is particularly interesting:

In addition to its classic groovebox workflow, MASCHINE+ packs an industry-leading collection of instruments, effects, and thousands of sounds with MASCHINE+ Selection. Heavyweight synths like MASSIVE, MONARK, PRISM, and FM8 join a lineup that includes the MASCHINE Factory Library, RAUM, PHASIS, and five Expansions, plus a voucher for two more. 

With Maschine+ optimized versions of some classic NI instruments which will work in Stand Alone, there's some serious pedigree there. It also looks like Reaktor 6 and Kontakt 6 content will be able to run natively as well, opening up a vast library of  sounds.

So whats powering this?

  • Quad-core processor (ARM?)
  • 4 GB dual channel DDR3L RAM
  • 32 GB internal eMMC flash storage (for OS and factory content)
  • 2 x color displays (480 x 272)
  • 64 GB SD card included (supports up to 1 TB)
    (Also expandable via USB for larger libraries)

Maschine + rear

Audio runs at 44.1/24bit, but can be upped to 96kHz/24bit when using in controller mode which can be connected to a computer running MASCHNE 2 software.
USB host ports will add more connectivity - perhaps audio outputs? -  As there are only a single pair of stereo outs, plus three audio inputs (2xline, 1xmic). This is not shown in the examples of connectivity- whereas external MIDI USB devices are.

Pricing: 1299 EUR / 1349 CHF / 1399 USD / 149,800 YEN / 1099 GBP / 1999 AUD / 1799 CAD / 9999 CNY

Available in stores: October 1st 2020.

More information:

Native Instruments Social

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