Akai Announce MPC Beats- Free MPC Software

GB Works with non Akai Controllers      21/07/20

Akai today announce their new MPC Beats - free music production software (essentially a DAW as standalone or as a plug-in in your existing DAW). software beats creation based on their MPC hardware and MPC2 desktop software. 

MPC Beats designed to give the MPC workflow free to all. That and to encourage people to buy MPC hardware and custom sample packs no doubt.

It works with any MIDI controller, it doesn't have to be MPC or even Akai, just map it up to what you have got, and the MPC Beats software allows you to start working the MPC way.

MPC Beats comes with some Sample packs and demo projects (not clear just how much free stuff there is yet) as well as some internal plug-in instruments, such as TubeSynth, Electric (ep), Bassline, and the F9 Beats Edition collection. with additional special sound packs available from £9.99. 

You can also import and chop your own samples for pad assignment as in the classic MPC way.

Track types and limitations
8 MIDI tracks  - these can be beats, virtual instruments and CV type tracks.
2x Stereo Audio Tracks

From what we can see this if a full working version of the MPC2 software, but with limited track counts, and not linked to Akai hardware. and its free of course.

Soundpacks can be browsed and purchased from inside MPC Beats (assuming you are online).

There's also a new MPC Beats Academy portal for tips and  help and information.

Get yours here:https://www.akaipro.com/mpc-beats



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