Superbooth 20HE: DBS Music And Omsonic Intro New Stochastic Eurorack Module

US Part sequencer, part random voltage source      26/04/20

DBs Music and Omsonic have collaborated on a new module that takes the idea of probabilistic voltage control and puts it into a eurorack module. It is part sequencer, part random voltage source. Drawing from the John Cage idea that the job of the composer is to create the situation where complexity can occur. 

The idea is that every aspect of a note; pitch, duration, portamento, envelope etc is under probabilistic control. So the idea is that instead of programming it like a sequencer or  playing it like an instrument you set up the constraints for it to make music and then let it do its thing. As it is creating sequences you can interact with it and loop certain phrases. 

For a deeper understanding of the module Phin gives us a demo of how you would build a sequence. 

More info at Omsonic

omsonic Site:

Demo Vid:



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