Another Day Another Behringer Tease

Or is it Beeringer?      19/11/19

Another Day Another Behringer Tease

Just a couple of weeks ago we had the TD-3 then we had the WING and now we have the Wasp clone... Rumours of a Wasp clone have been circulating for some time, this was confirmed by a trademark application for the Wasp logo. Juno have also listed the wasp on its site with the coming soon image, however they do this with almost every new instrument. Helps them get up the search engine lists I guess... 

The original Wasp was made by a small British manufacturer EDP in 1978. The designer Chris Hugget now works for Novation and has been adding to synthesizer history ever since the original Bass Station. The Wasp was famous for a particularly interesting and characterful filter. It has a distinctive black and yellow design which made it stand out. 

There are no direct clones of the Wasp currently available, there are plenty of VST emulations and a DIY version called the Jasper. But a commercial product is not available on the market. In the eurorack world the Doepfer A-124 (a recreation of the wasp filter) is cheap and sounds great. If Behringer don't get the filter right then the whole thing will come crashing down... 



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