Buy Synths To Save The Rainforests

80 companies are donating hardware and software for the Audio Industry for Rainforests auction      18/10/19

Buy Synths To Save The Rainforests

Sound designer, Luftrum, has been in touch to tell us that 80 companies from the audio industry are donating stuff for an auction to support the rainforests. Over $13000 has been raised at the moment and you can place your own bids on synths, studio software, plugins, effects, sample libraries and hardware from companies such as U-He, Spectrasonics, Eventide, Native Instruments, ADAM Audio, Mutable Instruments and many many more.

Everything starts at $5, even the stuff with a retail price over $1000.

Here’s the details from Luftrum…

Audio Industry for Rainforests

The past eight years, in October, the audio industry have raised funds for charity. We have raised more than $185.000 for Save the Children and $17.000 for Plastic Oceans through software and hardware auctions, in an annual fundraising on the forum of KVR Audio where companies have donated DAW's, synth licenses, sample libraries, Eurorack modules, hardware synthesizers, studio effect bundles and much more. This year, the fundraising has moved to RallyUp using their auction tool as the fundraising platform.

Rainforests all over the world are burning. They need your help!

I got in dialogue with WWF Denmark and decided to raise funds for them with a focus on the rainforests. We made an agreement that 50% of the funds raised will be directed to local organizations with field operations in the Amazonas and the remaining will go to the rainforests in Indonesia.

The funds will help combat deforestation and fires, supporting local and indigenous communities, campaigning for stronger action from the governments and support work in monitoring wildlife and projects on rescue and recovery care. Thousands of species live in the rainforest, and millions of animals have already been caught in the fire. Some of the richest places on the planet has been burned, and fires can compromise the preservation for current and future generations.

How to bid and how to contribute?

Before you bid, please refer to the FAQ below all the auctions. The FAQ explains what you are bidding on, how to contribute, but also how and when to expect your item after winning an auction.

Donations will be added to the auction platform throughout the month of October, feel free to bid as you like. Also, feel free to contact you favorite developer in the audio industry and ask for contributions, direct them to this site.

Happy bidding... let's raise some money for the rainforests!

Pricing and Availability:

Auction runs until the end of October.

More information:





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