New Marble Machine from Wintergatan

Marble Machine X is now functioning      05/08/19

We've featured this guy before, his incredible marble - or ball bearing mechanical musical machines are a kind of steam-punk meets automaton meets barrel organ.

The amount or work and problem solving that goes into this borders on the obsessive - but the results are really phenomenal. In this latest video the new Marble Machine X gives us a tune.

Its a really fascinating project, which aims to be a touring entity as part of the the well-supported Patreon channel. Designer Martin Molin posts a video every Wednesday which takes you through the design process and decisions that have led to the current state of the machine.

Its super-niche content but an insight into the complexity of such a major engineering project. And one that resonates with a bunch of people  - with 1.4 Million Youtube subs. We can't help but wonder if its a kind of fascination as to whether Martin will ultimately lose his  marbles! (sorry bad pun).

As we write this we're engrossed in the problem solving process of getting zero latency between marble drops when compared to the system click in the latest video update.

And so it goes on - subbed!


Thanks to midierror for the spot



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