Boost The Performance Of Small Monitors

IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK mini is a versatile and cost-effective isolation tool      04/07/19

Boost The Performance Of Small Monitors

Following on from its ISO-PUCK and ISO Stands, IsoAcoustics has introduced the ISO-PUCK mini, which they describe as another innovative and convenient approach to speaker isolation. They say that, designed for smaller speakers and studio monitors, ISO-PUCK mini is a versatile and cost-effective isolation tool that will eliminate vibrations to improve the clarity and focus of speakers and monitors both in the studio and at home.

Sitting between the speaker or monitor and the supporting surface, the ISO-PUCK mini features an upper flange suction cup that adheres to the underside of the speaker or monitor cabinet and a lower isolator that anchors to the supporting surface.

By decoupling the speaker from the surface and damping the transfer of energy between the two with its patented isolators, the ISO-PUCK mini is said to reduce smearing, while improving stereo imaging and sound clarity. It can be used on any surface including meter bridges, floor stands, consoles, desktops, millwork, or soffit mounts.

IsoAcoustics believe that the lightweight, low-profile design makes the ISO-PUCK mini a perfect portable solution for the travelling producer or sound engineer. Each puck measures only 1.7-inches (44mm) across and 0.9-inches (24mm) in height, but with a weight cap of  6 lbs (2.75kg) each it takes only three to fully isolate a speaker up to 18 lbs (8.25kg) in weight. More pucks can be used in the case of heavier speakers.

Pricing and Availability:
The IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK mini will be available in the UK and US in July 2019, with a pack of eight priced at £99.99/$99.99.

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