Pro Tools Level Rider Migrates To VST/AU

WaveRider Tg automatically raises or lowers the gain to maintain a user-selectable output level      02/07/19

Pro Tools Level Rider Migrates To VST/AU

Quiet Art says that WaveRider first became publicly available for Pro Tools users back in March 2009 and, since its release, it has revolutionized mixing workflows with the "rider" plugin concept and evolved into an indispensable mixing tool in studios around the globe. Now they tell us that it is available for other DAWs. This is what they have to say about the new WaveRider Tg...

WaveRider Tg adopts the legendary algorithm of WaveRider, and puts it into a bite size package with one purpose: Consistent level riding.

It's also able to write its own automation just like WR, but without the need of HUI.

The best part is, WaveRider's unmatched riding algorithm is now available in AAX, VST, VST3, and AU!

 WaveRider Tg's level detecting algorithm automatically raises or lowers the gain to maintain a user selectable output level.

It can also write this volume riding automation within its automation pane and the user can then alter the volume automation as needed.

Be it your vocal, bass guitar, voice over, or dialog tracks, WaveRider Tg makes it a breeze to maintain a smooth and consistent level so you don't end up over-compressing.

Pricing and Availability:
$59 introductory price.

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