Sample Utility For The Sequential Prophet X

Free PXToolkit app gives access to the full user sampling feature set of the instrument      17/06/19

Lady Gaia has released version 1.0 of a sample mapping utility for the Sequential Prophet X.  The app gives users access to the full user sampling feature set of the instrument.  She tells us that it has been in public beta for some time so it's in great shape, both stable and feature complete, and it's available for macOS and Windows.

Lady Gaia had this to say,  "The official software doesn't yet offer facilities for creating velocity layers or defining round-robin samples, so I took the initiative to enable all of the above and more - I've taken pains to expose every feature that the instrument itself allows.  It's entirely a personal pet project, based on documentation provided by Sequential but otherwise with no affiliation with either Sequential or 8Dio. You can see more about the utility on the project page where I've hosted a number of projects related to the instrument, some in conjunction with the community.  These include the freely available VCO Pack which offers more than 2GB of raw oscillator samples to capture the unique timbral qualities and natural drift of the Moog Voyager, Behringer Neutron, Sequential OB-6, and Dreadbox Erebus."

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