Moogseum Opening In Two Weeks Time

US The Bob Moog Foundation announces opening date and grand opening celebration      09/05/19

Moogseum Opening In Two Weeks Time

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced that it will open the doors to the Moogseum on May 23, 2019, in recognition of what would have been the inventor's 85th birthday.

Located at 56 Broadway Street in downtown Asheville, the Moogseum's opening will feature eight different exhibits, many of them interactive, immersive, or technology-driven.

The Moogseum's exhibits will invite visitors to explore Bob Moog's life and work, as well as the fascinating 120+-year history of synthesis, through touch screen kiosks that will provide access to over 1,000 pieces of historical material from the Bob Moog Foundation Archives. Visitors will be able to interact with theremins and synthesizers, and will have the opportunity to step into an immersive dome where they will be surrounded by illuminated visceral representations of electricity turning in to sound. They will learn about the science of waveforms as well as discover the intricacies of a re-creation of Bob's workbench, and learn about Bob's connection to Asheville.

The exhibits are designed by nationally recognized exhibit providers Mars Lab, Sounds Amazing, Elumenati, and Mal Meehan, who collectively have provided work for the Smithsonian museums, the Museum of Pop Culture, NASA, and Anti-Defamation League.

Michelle Moog-Koussa, the Foundation's executive director, told us, “The Bob Moog Foundation is passionate about bringing Bob's work, life, and legacy to life with integrity and creativity. We are delighted to be sharing exhibits designed by imaginative experts in the field, who have lent their decades of experience to our project. From interactive timelines, to an immersive dome, to an experiential exploration of synthesis, and more, the Moogseum's exhibits offer an astounding amount of information, understanding, and inspiration."

A grand opening celebration is planned for August 15th, Leon Theremin's birthday, and will include concerts and lectures in the Moogseum space. Introductory admission to the Moogseum will be $6 (plus tax and services fees) with children under age of 7 free. The Moogseum will be open from 11-5, closed on Sundays and Tuesdays.

The Exhibit Designers

Sounds Amazing - Sounds Amazing is an award winning Interactive Exhibit and Sound Design company who create unique, educational, interactive and immersive experiences. Clients include the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, Experience Music Project, Museum of Miniatures, Science Fiction Museum, Flying Heritage, Disney Imagineering, Microsoft and many others. Sounds Amazing founder Reek Havok has been an a staple in the music technology arena for over 30 years with 5 Platinum Record awards and Top honors award for educational exhibit design from the American Association of Museums.
Mal Meehan - Mal Meehan has worked in Broadcast Video, Interactive Media, Website Development and Experiential Design for over 28 years and brings a unique blend of expertise and experience in both technology, and creative disciplines.
Industry trained as a film camera operator and broadcast video engineer, Mal pioneered early touch-screen interactive multimedia in the UK, for airport, museum and exhibition installations; creating innovative presentations for the likes of Airbus Industries, Apple Inc., BAE Systems, Barclays Capital, Coke, John Freida, Merrill Lynch, Nike, Nokia, Nortel Networks, Rothschild, SONY and UPS, to name but a few.
The Elumenati - The Elumenati are thought leaders in the field of immersive projection design and experiences... "With 15+ years in business, we've developed novel applications of immersion and interactivity for clients ranging from Dreamworks to NASA and leading museums around the globe. The GeoDome Portal at the Moogseum builds on our unique approach to user interface design to create a memorable experience for visitors. Working with Bob Moog was influential on our company's principals, and we are honored to help bring his legacy to life."
Mars Labs: Mars Labs is an award winning engineering firm with over three decades of industry leadership in the development and application of emerging technologies for museums. Teamed with our museum design and development partner Quatrefoil Associates, past clients include Paul Allen's 'Experience Music Project' (now called the Museum of Pop Culture) and the Tech Museum of Innovation, where visitors engage in hands-on interactive and immersive experiences that include Augmented and Virtual Reality applications. "Our team members are also musicians with considerable experience in live and in-studio performance; we are honored to have a role in bringing Bob Moog's pioneering legacy to life."

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